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 ( Picture: The Suicide Shop )

Stereoscopic 2D
Concept and developpement of  a method used to adapt 2D images to stereocopy


As part of the production of a 2D animated future film, « The suicide shop » by Patrice Leconte, I was in charge of finding a solution to render stereoscopic 2D drawings. 

This task has come out onto the developpement and the use of an original technology of which the main interest is to keep the initial aspect of drawings.

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scAnim: Vectorial Animation Software  (work in progress)
Copyright : stéphane Comparetti

( Character: émilie - (c) Domitille de Préssensé )

k3paint : Ink & Paint Software with 8bits/32bits support
Copyright : Executive Toon Services


Run on: Windows / Linux / Mac OsX

Vectorama : Vectorial Animation Plug-In for Adobe After Effects
Copyright : 421 / Toutenkartoon



( Character: le Roi Catastrophe - (c) FabriceParme )

ScRando : Bitmap Cartographic software under  Palm OS5
Copyright : freeware

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LktView :  Color Line Test with multi layers
Copyright : Toutenkartoon


G2P : Production Manager dedicated to Cartoon Animation
Copyright : Toutenkartoon



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